Cordless Powerhouse: 36v Makita Saw Review

36V Makita Saw Review: Cordless Powerhouse or Overkill?

Makita’s 36V line of cordless tools boasts impressive power, and their circular saws are no exception. These saws are designed for professional contractors and serious DIYers who need a cordless option that can handle demanding tasks. But are they worth the investment? This review dives into the features, performance, and potential drawbacks of Makita’s 36V circular saws.

  • Power and Performance
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    The most significant advantage of these saws is their cordless design, offering unmatched freedom of movement on the job site. However, the real star of the show is the 36V battery system. By utilizing two 18V batteries in series, the saw delivers power comparable to corded models. Users report the saw effortlessly rips through hardwoods and pressure-treated lumber, making it ideal for framing, roofing, and general construction projects.

  • Features
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    Makita packs their 36V circular saws with features to enhance user experience and safety. Brushless motors provide increased efficiency and extended tool life. Electronic controls ensure constant cutting speed under load, and an electric brake brings the blade to a stop quickly for added safety. The saws also feature large cutting capacities, bevel settings for angled cuts, and ergonomic handles for comfortable use.

  • Weight and Battery Life
  • While cordless, these saws are not lightweight due to the dual-battery design. This may cause fatigue during prolonged use, especially for overhead cuts. Battery life depends on the size and type of battery used. However, expect to get several dozen cuts per charge on high-capacity batteries. It’s recommended to invest in multiple batteries to minimize downtime while working.

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  • Price
  • Makita’s 36V circular saws are not budget-friendly. The premium price tag reflects the saw’s robust build quality, high performance, and advanced features. For occasional DIYers, a lower-voltage cordless saw or a corded model may be a more cost-effective option.

  • Conclusion
  • Makita’s 36V circular saws are powerful, feature-rich tools ideal for professional contractors and serious DIYers who tackle demanding projects. The cordless design offers unmatched freedom of movement, and the 36V battery system delivers corded-like power. However, the weight and price tag may deter casual users. Carefully consider your needs and budget before investing in this high-performance saw.

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