Battery Powered Chainsaw Harbor Freight Review: Cutting Through The Hype (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

Battery Powered Chainsaw Harbor Freight Review

In the world of chainsaw purchasing, two main categories emerge: gas-powered and battery-powered. While gas-powered chainsaws offer more power, battery-powered chainsaws are gaining popularity due to their convenience, lower maintenance requirements, and quieter operation. This review examines a specific battery-powered chainsaw from Harbor Freight, a popular discount tool retailer, to help potential buyers decide if this chainsaw is the right fit for their needs.

  • Model: The specific battery-powered chainsaw model from Harbor Freight being reviewed here is the Hercules PWRCore Lithium 20V Brushless Cordless Chainsaw (model number 62683). It runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery system, sold separately by Harbor Freight.
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  • Power and Performance: This chainsaw features a brushless motor that provides a good amount of power for tackling small to medium-sized jobs around the house or yard. It can easily cut through branches up to 4 inches in diameter and can handle some light duty log cutting tasks. However, it is not intended for heavy-duty use or professional applications.
  • Usability: One of the biggest advantages of this chainsaw is its ease of use. It is relatively lightweight and starts with the push of a button, eliminating the need for gas mixing or pull starting. The automatic oiler helps keep the chain lubricated, and the safety features like the hand guard and chain brake add peace of mind during operation.
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  • Battery Life: Battery life is a major consideration with any battery-powered tool. The runtime of the Hercules chainsaw will vary depending on the type of battery used and the cutting task at hand. A higher capacity battery will provide longer runtime, but will also add weight to the tool. It is recommended to purchase at least one additional battery to ensure you have enough power to complete your project.
  • Price: Battery-powered chainsaws can range significantly in price depending on brand, features, and power. The Hercules chainsaw from Harbor Freight falls on the lower end of the price spectrum, making it an attractive option for budget-minded consumers. However, it is important to remember that lower price often translates to lower power and shorter runtime.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews of the Hercules chainsaw are mixed. Some users praise its ease of use, affordability, and adequate power for small jobs. Others criticize its short battery life and lack of power for more demanding tasks.
  • Conclusion: The Hercules PWRCore Lithium 20V Brushless Cordless Chainsaw from Harbor Freight is a good option for homeowners who need a chainsaw for occasional light-duty tasks around the yard. Its ease of use, affordability, and lower maintenance requirements make it an attractive choice. However, those requiring a chainsaw for more frequent use or heavy-duty cutting tasks may need to consider a more powerful model with a longer battery life.
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