Best Circular Saw Blade for Plywood Review

Choosing the right circular saw blade for plywood is crucial for clean, splinter-free cuts. Plywood’s construction with thin layers of wood glued together requires blades with specific features. This review examines some of the best circular saw blades designed for optimal plywood cutting performance.

  • Factors to Consider

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Before diving into specific blades, consider these key factors:

Number of Teeth: A higher tooth count (typically 80 or more) provides a finer finish with minimal chipping. Conversely, lower tooth counts (around 40) prioritize faster cuts but may result in some chipping.

  • Tooth Grind: Freud’s Hi-ATB (High Alternate Top Bevel) grind is a popular option for plywood, featuring teeth with alternating top bevels that shear through the material cleanly. Flat Top Grind (FTG) blades are another choice for plywood, offering a good balance between clean cuts and fast performance.
  • Material: carbide-tipped blades are ideal for plywood due to their superior durability and ability to maintain sharpness for extended use.

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  • Top Circular Saw Blades for Plywood

Here’s a look at some of the highly-rated circular saw blades for plywood cutting:

  • Freud LU80F: This Freud blade features a 80-tooth Hi-ATB grind, delivering excellent finish quality with minimal chipping.
  • DeWalt DW7333: DeWalt’s offering boasts a 60-tooth FTG grind, providing a good balance between cut speed and clean cuts in plywood.
  • Bosch TCG2000: This Bosch blade features a 40-tooth TCG (Triple Chip Grind) for fast cuts in plywood, with a focus on ripping applications.
  • Makita TCG Whisper: Makita’s contender utilizes a 60-tooth TCG grind with noise reduction technology, offering a balance between cut quality and noise reduction.
  • SKIL Diablo D0724: This SKIL blade features a 72-tooth Hi-ATB grind, ideal for high-quality finish cuts in plywood and veneer applications.
  • Conclusion
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The “best” circular saw blade for plywood depends on your specific needs. If a flawless finish is paramount, opt for a high tooth count blade with a Hi-ATB grind. If cutting speed is a priority, consider a lower tooth count blade with an FTG or TCG grind. Regardless of choice, ensure the blade is carbide-tipped for extended durability. Remember, choosing the right blade can significantly enhance your plywood cutting experience.

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