Best Sawzall Blades Review 2024: Cut Through Anything Like A Pro

Best Sawzall Blades Review

Finding the right Sawzall blade can significantly impact the efficiency and quality of your cuts. These reciprocating saw blades come in various configurations, each suited for specific cutting tasks. This review explores some of the best Sawzall blades available, categorized by their intended use.

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  • Demolition Blades
  • Milwaukee Demolition Blades: Known for their durability and aggressive cutting, Milwaukee Demolition Blades are ideal for fast cuts through tough materials like wood with nails, metal pipes, and even concrete blocks.
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  • Diablo Steel Demon: Another top contender, Diablo Steel Demon blades feature a bi-metal construction for extended life and efficient cutting through ferrous metals.
  • Metal Cutting Blades
  • Bosch Carbide Tooth: Bosch Carbide Tooth blades are designed for clean cuts in thin and sheet metal. The carbide teeth offer superior wear resistance for prolonged use.
  • DEWALT Bi-Metal: DEWALT Bi-Metal blades provide a good balance between price and performance for various metal cutting applications.
  • Wood Cutting Blades
  • Freud Wood Demon: Freud Wood Demon blades feature a high tooth count for smooth, clean cuts in wood. They are suitable for both demolition and finish cuts.
  • Lenox Wood Cutting: Lenox Wood Cutting blades are another excellent option for wood, delivering fast cuts with minimal splintering.
  • Universal Blades
  • Makita AOB: Makita AOB blades are versatile blades that can handle a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and even PVC pipes.
  • Aven Tools Multi-Material: Offering a cost-effective solution, Aven Tools Multi-Material blades are a good choice for occasional use on various materials.
  • Choosing the Right Sawzall Blade
  • Consider the material you’ll be cutting most often, the desired cut quality (clean vs. fast), and the blade length required for your Sawzall. When in doubt, opting for a bi-metal blade offers a good balance for most cutting tasks.

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  • Conclusion
  • Sawzall blades are essential for getting the most out of your reciprocating saw. By understanding the different blade types and their applications, you can choose the best blade for your project, ensuring clean, efficient cuts and extended blade life.

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