Corded Chainsaws: A Review

Corded chainsaws, also known as electric chainsaws, are a reliable and powerful option for a variety of homeowner and professional cutting tasks. While cordless chainsaws offer portability, corded models provide consistent power and are typically more affordable. This review explores the key features, advantages, and considerations of corded chainsaws to help you decide if they are the right choice for your needs.

  • Key Features: Corded chainsaws come in a variety of electric motor sizes, usually ranging from 12 amps to 18 amps. The motor size determines the cutting power, which is essential for tackling tough jobs like cutting hardwood or felling trees. Corded chainsaws typically feature a 16- to 24-inch bar length, allowing for efficient cutting of logs and branches of various thicknesses.

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  • Advantages: The primary advantage of corded chainsaws is their consistent power. Unlike cordless models that rely on batteries, corded chainsaws provide uninterrupted power as long as they are plugged into an outlet. This makes them ideal for extended use or for tackling demanding cutting jobs. Additionally, corded chainsaws are generally more affordable than cordless models with comparable power. They are also typically lighter weight, which can reduce user fatigue during extended operation.
  • Considerations: The main drawback of corded chainsaws is their lack of portability. They are tethered to a power outlet by a cord, which limits their range and maneuverability. This can be inconvenient for working in large or remote areas. Additionally, corded chainsaws require users to be mindful of the cord to avoid accidentally cutting it while sawing.
  • Safety Features: Corded chainsaws prioritize safety with features like automatic chain brakes that stop the chain quickly in case of kickback or if the user loses control. Look for models with hand guards and safety switches to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Who Should Choose a Corded Chainsaw: Corded chainsaws are well-suited for homeowners who need a reliable and powerful saw for occasional use on tasks like pruning trees, cutting firewood, or trimming branches. They are also a good option for professionals like landscapers who require consistent power for extended cutting sessions.
  • Conclusion: Corded chainsaws offer a dependable and powerful cutting solution at an affordable price. While their lack of portability may limit their use in certain situations, they are a great choice for homeowners and professionals who prioritize consistent power and affordability.

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